Construction Engineering Technology

Construction Engineering Technology (CET) is an instructional technology program designed to prepare individuals to work within the construction industries and firms in mid-level management operations as estimators, material specialists, planners, project managers, layout specialists, or other construction operations.

The program offers instruction and study in the areas of construction materials, surveying, cost estimating, on-site management and supervision, codes and safety, and basic operations of the residential and commercial construction industry.

Students also have the opportunity to obtain a bachelors degree from the school of business at Blue Mountain College. This degree will require about 2 years of study after obtaining an associates degree in Construction Engineering Technology from Northeast.

Program Components

  • Estimating construction projects
  • Project planning and development
  • Material specialists development
  • Mid level project management operations

Employment Outlook

Increasing: The demand for performance based individuals who can work with constructions is high, especially in Mississippi and in the Tri-State region of Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

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