Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Drafters prepare technical drawings used by workers who build space craft, industrial machinery and other manufactured products, office buildings, bridges, and other structures. Their drawings show the technical details of the products and structures from all sides, with exact dimensions, and specify materials to be used, procedures to be followed and other information needed to carry out the job.

Today, many drafters use computer aided drafting (CAD) systems. The object of the Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology Program is to prepare the graduate as a technician in the fields of architectural, topographic, and electronic machine drafting. Graduates will have the knowledge and technical skills necessary for employment with architectural or engineering firms, physical plant planners, and other agencies which utilize drafters and technicians. Students successfully completing the program will receive degrees in Associate of Applied Science.

Program Components

  • Conventional drafting practices, applications, and interpretations of working drawings
  • Computer aided drafting (CAD) uses an application of basic and advanced AutoCAD
  • Applications of machine drafting, descriptive geometry, statics and strengths of materials together with estimation
  • Architectural drafting, solid modeling, and selected technical design projects
  • Surveying field practices and development of survey and topographic maps

Employment Outlook

Increasing. Industrial growth and the increasing complex design problems associated with the new products and processes will greatly increase the demand for drafting services.

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