Collision Repair Technology

Body repair work has variety and challenge – each damaged vehicle presents a different problem. Repairers must develop appropriate methods for each job, using their broad knowledge of automotive construction and repair techniques.  Automotive body repairers straighten damaged bodies, remove dents and replace crumpled parts that are beyond repair.

The Auto Body Repair Program is a four semester certificate program offering training in the latest methods and skills involved in the estimating, repairing, refinishing, and realignment of motor vehicles.  Program graduates will receive certificates.

Program Components

  • Panel repair and painting
  • Plastic, fiberglass, repair and painting
  • Body panel adjusting and door hardware service
  • Collision analyzing and repair
  • Shop management and estimating

Employment Outlook

Increasing employment of automotive body repairers is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations.  As the number of motor vehicles in operation grows with the nation’s population, the number damaged in accidents will increase as well.

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