Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology prepares a person for positions in the civil engineering field. The curriculum includes surveying, principles of road construction, and general construction practices.  The graduate is trained to work with the civil engineer in the performance of general engineering practices which may include design; drawing and interpreting working drawings; determining equipment, materials and labor required to complete a project; and performing soils, asphalt, and concrete tests required for foundations and construction.

Up-to-date equipment usage is stressed, including the surveying computer. Students successfully completing program will receive degrees in Associate of Applied Science.

Program Components

  • Land and highway survey principles and applications
  • Drafting and design related to construction and topographic layouts
  • Determination of equipment, materials, and labor requirements to complete a project
  • Performance of soils, asphalt, and concrete tests required for foundations and construction
  • Use of state-of-the-art engineering equipment to include computers, electronic distance measuring devices and GPS equipment.

Employment Outlook

Increasing. Employment is expected to increase faster than the average of all occupations due to anticipate increases in highway construction and land development along these highways.

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